Mar 14, 2022

Episode 50: Bach’s “Art of Fugue,” BWV 1080

We’ll look at some of the fugues from Bach’s “Art of Fugue,” BWV 1080.

Feb 21, 2022

Episode 49: Bach’s “Musical Offering,” BWV 1079

We’ll look at the ricercars, trio sonata and canons of the “Musical Offering.”

Jan 20, 2022

Episode 48: Bach’s “Organ Mass” (Clavier-Ubung III)

We’ll look at Bach’s “Organ Mass” (Clavier-Ubung or “Keyboard Practice” III) including the Trinity Prelude and Fugue and a sampling of the chorale preludes contained in the collection.

Dec 9, 2021

Episode 47: Bach‘s Cantatas for Alto Soloist

We’ll focus on BWV 35, “Spirit and Soul Become Confused,” and BWV 170, “Contented Peace.”

Nov 2, 2021

Episode 46: Bach’s Partitas, BWV 825-830

We’ll focus on Bach’s Partita No. 4 in D major, BWV 828, but also take a look at the opening movements of the other five partitas.


Sep 27, 2021

Episode 45: Bach’s Cantatas for Bass Soloist

We’ll look at “Ich will den Kreuzstab gerne tragen,” BWV 56 (“Gladly I will carry the Cross-Staff”), and “Ich Habe Genung,” BWV 82 (“I have enough”).

Aug 23, 2021

Episode 44: Bach’s Music for Lute

We’ll focus on the Suite in E Minor, BWV 996, and the Suite in C Minor, BWV 997.

Jul 16, 2021

Episode 43: Bach’s Trio Sonatas

We’ll look at two of Bach’s trio sonatas: the Sonata in G major for Two Flutes, BWV 1039; and Bach’s Sonata in Eb for organ, BWV 525, in both the original and a trio sonata version.

Jun 9, 2021

Episode 42: Bach’s Cantatas for Soprano: BWV 199 & BWV 52

We’ll look at two of Bach’s cantatas for soprano soloist: BWV 199, “My Heart Swims in Blood,” and BWV 52, “False World, I Do Not trust you.”

May 3, 2021

Episode 41: Bach’s Toccatas for Keyboard

We’ll focus on the Toccata in D major, BWV 912, and the Toccata in C minor, BWV 911.

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